Books that I am reading

Conversation with Nostradamus Volume 2 by Dolores Cannon. Nostradamus is contacted trough pshichic regression trough different mediums.and he is conversing with the author translating the quatrains in plain English. She used three people so far to contact Nostradamus. That conversed with her trough subconscious mind or her clients.

The library in the spirit realms is a big area. almost cathedral size.

The guardian of the library is allway eager to help with knowledge.

There are books and scrolls on everything and all types of manuscripts. on the shelves.

Everybody has a sense of purpose and there’s a sense of serenity. There’s music that seems to fill the whole place. It’s just barely audible but it tickles. It’s pretty music.

The clothing looks like it’s transparent but electric colors shine through them. They’re the people’s auras.

To be able to see back in time you can read in the library or by stepping in the viewing room or by going in the tapestry room.

A man or a spirit form is the guardian of the tapestry room.

This is a very honored place. There is a wonderful aroma in the air. It smells like a combination of a fresh breeze tinged with salt and perfumes form a garden.

The room is 2-300 feets high. In this room each threat represent a life. By looking at this tapestry you can see every event that has taken place.

This is where all the threads of human life the souls that incarnate are connected. It illustrates perfectly how each life is interwoven crossing and touching all other lives until eventually all humanity is affected.






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