Nostradamus About Animals

In the future animals are comunicating with their keepers with sing language. Nostradamus sees this as a wonderful advancement.

In his time the animals were badly treated.

In present Allen and Beatrice Gardner decided to teach cimps American singn language.

in 1972 Francine Patterson of Stanford University began a similar project with gorila. The scientists found that the gorila was calmer and more deliberate in comunicating that cimpanzee.

The apes are not only able to converse by use of sing language ut are now using computers with speech synthesizers.

Nostradamus was a trained doctor. He did not like to perform surgeries but he did. He did amputations of legs for example.

He used mind techniques to ease the pain such as hypnosys.

He worked on methods using auras of people to figure it out where the body was in pain and by working with energies to modify the auras of people and heal them.

Nostradamus comunicate telepatically to people in 20’th century translating the quatrains read their mind and take notes.

The communication is done trough a black mirror sitting on the desck of Nostradamus in 15 ‘th century.

He feels the presence of spirits of the future in the room but he cannot see them He send them in the mirror so he can see them.

The spirits form the future are actually people doing past life regression and being able to communicate with him.

Nostradamus is aware that he is speaking with people from the future that are allive and not with Ghosts.

He understands the concept of spirituality and that there is no such thing as death.

Nostradamus talks about religious intolerance, about AIDS that was inoculated and tested on healthy people and volunteers being paid by accepting these tests. AIDS will be comparable with the plague of his time.

The research of Dr Robert Strecker is confirming the Nostradamus prediction.

from Conversation with Nostradamus volume 3 by Dolores Cannon.


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