Things will become more tolerant again.

More and more people will be involved with self examination and spiritual development, eventually spreading out to influence the entire Earth.

Cosmic wisdom is going to be found through various sources including astrology, astronomy, alchemy and all the various philosophies.

People from western and eastern tradition will meet at common ground to help develop philosophies that will progress toward  world peace.

There are a lot of philosophies through which one could find enlightment . There’s no such thing as one philosophy or one religion that will obtain enlightment for everybody.  The number is great and each should find that which works for them.

The balance fo things will change through the course of time as they allways do and world peace will come and the new age.

The law of trust represents people openig up and finding spiritual wisdom and working with world peace.

There are planes of consciousness. The seat where the soul resides is one seat where all sould reside, the ultimate source, tne beginning and the end of all things.

Nostradamus asked us or the person he was communicating trough to “Try to expand your consciousness”.

Mesopotamia was situated on the present Iraq.

America and Russia will work togeder in the future.

In Nostradamus quatrains Russia is represented by a bear and USA as a wolf.  The wolf is an animla that huts in pack . There are packs or groups of Americans scattered around the globe and they are hunters.

The whole Middle East is out of control. Unrest in one country leads to othes. It starts off slowly and snowballs .

from Conversation with Nostradamus Volume 3 by Dolores Cannon



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