Psychic Research

In the early 1970 rumors that the Soviets were researching esp for espionage purposes led the US governmet to invest some research of its own.

The result was a two decade long program of psychic spying funed by the most shadowy security agencies in the us

CIA funded HAROLD Puthoff and Russell Targ of the Stanford Research Institute to investigate ESP remote viewing.

Remote viewing is a specific type of clavoyance in which a psychic is able to mentally travel to a distant and unknown location and observe what is going on there. In is linked to phenomena such as astral travel.

Aditional to our physical bodies we each have an astral body similar to a soul spirit that can leave our real bodies and visit other locations through astral travel.

The defense department of US took over the program and now is called Operation Stargate. Based at Fort Meade Maryland headquarters run under the auspices of NSA and defence Intelligence agencie. Had a 20 million budget and involved both research and attempts of psychic spying.

Remote viewer it is possible for the mind’s eye to leave the body and travel distant location.

Thoughtography is the ablidity to project images onto surfaces usualy photographic film using only the power of the mind. ( therm is invented in 1910 by professor Tomokichi Fukuari of Tokio University)

Precognition is the ability to see the future without any known seses.

The oracle of Delphi is one of the most famous historical cases of precognition. In Ancient Grece the Priestess of Depphi read prophetic oracles to the town’s people which were believed to be the word of God.

US president Abraham Lincon fooresaw his own death in a dream.

Nostradamus  real name Michel to Nostredame born in Provence Frace in 1503 was originally a physician was one of the most famous predictors of the future. He wrote almanac of four line verses or quatrains arranged in groups of hundred. The quatrains are profecies of near and distant future.

from Guide to Unexplained by Joel Levy


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