St Francis of Assisi was not only framed for talking to the animals he also said to float and glow.

A variety of strange powers were attributed to saints. A common one was levitation the ability to lift off the ground. Usually this happened involuntarily during intense prayer or concentration.

St Ignatius Loyola ( died in 1556) founder of the Jesuits St Joseph of Cupertino (died in 1663) could sometime fly at will.

Many saints werre said to glow or radiate light, sometime while levitating. Other could appear in tow places at one ( bilocation) travel great distances instantaneously (teleportation) or talk to animals.

Heaven scent. Many saints have continued to show miraculous powers after death, giving off sweet smells and refusing to rot. St Cecilia died in 177 a.d but in 822 and again in 1599 her corpse discovered in perfect condition giving off the scent of flowers.

The Turin Shroud. – a cloth that bears the image of a bearded man said to be the sheet that was wrapped around Jesus when he was taken down form the cross. The divine power radiating from Jesus caused his image to miraculously imprinted on the cloth.

Padre Pio famous modern day stigmatic an Italian monk who died in 1968 received 5 wounds in 1918 while celebrating the stigmatization of St Francisc. Pio was accredited with power of healing, levitation, and bilocation.

Visions and Miracles.

Virgin Mary visions at Lourdes in 1858 and Fatima Portugal in 1917 in October 13. Over 30,000 people saw dancing sun on October 13 1913.

from The Guide to the Unexplained by Joel Levy


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