Motivate Yourself

Whenever you are afraid of something coming up. Did a way to do something that’s even harder or scarier. Once you have done the harder thing the real thing becomes fun.

Simplify your life. Creatively plan your life by delegate and eliminate all activities that don’t contribute to your projected goals.

Combine your tasks. Handle everything immediately. That keeps life simple. Creativity is simplicity.

The simpler you keep a message the stronger it became.


Who you are is what you see. When you are full of energy and hopes you see opportunities all around you. Your opportunities will multiply when you choose to see them.

From now on make note of everything that inspire you. Motivation does not have to be accidental You control what songs you hear. You have much more control over your environment that you realize.

Each day make a point of setting small goals and finish them. And write things that you finish in a small notebook.  Stop worrying and start building a track record that proves that you can motivate yourself to do whatever you want to do.

Start coming up with all kind of unexpected solutions to the challenges that life throws at you.

The Great Master key to riches said Napoleon Hill is nothing more ore less that the self -discipline necessary to help you to take ful and complete possession of your own mind. The only thing over which you have complete control is your own mental attitude.

Motivational Books:

  • “The power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle – very good I did read it
  • The Last Word in Power by Tracy Gross
  • Frankenstein Kastle By Colin wilson
  • The Six Pillars of Self Esteam by Nathaniel Branden
  • “The Master Key to Riches” By Napoleon Hill – is very good I did read it


100 Ways to Motivate yourself and Change your Life forever. By Steve Chandler.




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