Practice being awake in the present moment.

Make the most of the awareness of this hour. Stay focused on today


Ask good questions. Then ask follow up questions That is how you build a relationship.

The brain is like a muscle in your arm. When you use it its gets strong an quick. You can make yourself smarter. Flex your mind. Develop it. Use it. It will enrich you and bring you the love of life that thrives on truth and understanding.

You can be happier and more effective if you value independence and self responsibility above dependency on someone else. You can handle your problems yourself.

Find your soul purpose. What makes you happy? And then start doing it.

Three ways to activate the whole brain are through: goal visualization, joyful work, revitalizing play.

Let the stars that are in you shine freely . Don’t force them out.

Think  of what you have to do as easy and it will be.

from “100 Ways to Motivate Yourself Change your life forever.” By Steve Chandler


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