Thought is an very powerful force that has never been fully utilized

The use of thought can be directed to draw to it that which is desired.

Learn meditation. Use meditation and prayer either single or in a group.

The focused concentration of groups is not only multiplied it is mathematically squared.

Nostradamus Technological Predictions for the future.

There will be a more complete understanding of the nature of light.

It will be shown to be more solid than wave, or perhaps more real that has been imagined. The Physical constitution of light has not been appreciated uo to this point. However it will be shown that light is a real physical element.

Although it would not be assigned a place on what you would call your chemical chart or periodic table of elements it will be shown to be as real as any of those other elements.

Light is a transitional expression of the higher planes of awarness. A bridge between our plane of reality and the higher planes of reality.

That is why there can be those beings of light. The beings of higher planes can modify their form so they step down in frequency and become light. which is a bridge of half way point between the solid physical world and the higher planes of existence.

There would be communication by light and form of transportation by light.

The ability to travel with light or transform oneself into light and direct oneself to that desired destination. To elevate oneself to the frequencies of light expression, and be able to travel in that form rematerializing to a lower form of expression when one has arrived at destination.

There also will be at that time the ability to explore those dimensions of light by rising one’s awareness or more accurately one’s constitution to that level. Then one become being of light and would be able to co- mingle and communicate with those who are on higher planes – those who can lower gheir frequencies to the lower light level.

There would be many new forms of medicine. Not simply the practice of medicine but the philosophy of medicine and its use or disuse in extablishing the wholesomeness of mind and body.

There will be a more complete understanding of the importance of connection between mind and body. And more emphasis on treating disease through attitude rather than trough medicinal purposes.

It is incredible important that we monitor our thoughts and our beliefs.Beliefs are stronger that our thoughts. Emotions play a big part too.

Action, emotion thought, belief word and speech are all movement makers. And movement toward positive thought is essential.

Discovery of new – old information. We will have to face that we have been visited before by beings from other planets from space. This will be revealed beyond the shadow of doubt. The new- old information was written long ago and secreted away for protection.

After finding the new-old information we discover that we are descendants from stars.we should be definitely be able to get back out again. The information is carved in stone. Also the information is preserved on some metal too.

What people left these documents?

Answer The humans who were here Not the firs humans but the humans that were here thousands of years ago.. There have been humans coming and going before then. There were before and during the Egyptians. We are geneticallly and emotionally related to that humans. We are still connected to them. The humans that are here came from humans that started here.

from ” Conversation with Nostradamus Volume 3″ by Dolores Cannon



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