Power of Goals

The power of small goals. The goals set during the day give energy to the day and a sense of achievement a lot of small wins during the day.

The beauty of goals is that they are always within  your immediate power to achieve. At the beginning of the day or at the end of the day you can check your progress toward your outcome.


Four circle system of motivation

At the beginning of each day start drawing four circles  on a piece of paper. The circles represent the day( today) the month the year the life. Write down what you want in each circle. It can be a dollar figure, it can be anything and the goals can change from day to day. You just remind yourself of what you want.

Treasure Mapping system of Motivation

Post pictures of what you want in life somewhere in your office or home.

You set in picture what you want and your subconscious mind will seek to bring to life vividly imagined or real pictures.

Have a goal board in your office or home and pin images or words of your goals on that board and… see what happen.

Motivation come from thought.

The optimist always does a little something take an action and feels like progress is being made.

The optimists excel in school, have better health make more money,establish long and happy marriages, stay connected to their children and live longer.

When you feel pessimistic keep thinking the more you thing about a situation the more you see small opportunities for action and the more small actions you take the more optimistic energy you will receive.

Imagination should be used not to escape from reality but to create it.

from 100 Way to Motivate Yourself Change you Life Forever by Steve Chandler


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