Rhythm of Life

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We are all connected with everything. We’re connected with the primal instincts.

We aren’t just what’s directed by our genes we aren’t just what we are thought. What we experience in our first years of life matter. a smile here a sound there created the pathways and connections of the brain.

We put our kids to fifteen years of quick cut advertising, passive television watching and sadistic video games and we expect to emerge new generation of calm compassionate and engaged human beings?

Some places damage your psyche. ( Florida and special Miami was like that for Sidney Pitier so he left that place of racism).

It is important what you say to yourself.  His motto was “Never leave home without a commitment. Watch me win. I am already good. I am going to be better.”

from “Sidnay Poitier The Measure of a Man a Spiritual Autobiography” by Sidnay Poitier


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