Courage and Integrity


When you admire people of courage and integrity you are going to be associated with them on some level.

The soul, your soul is not something for sale. Integrity is what you go with all your life.

It is OK to work low paying jobs to support your family and refuse moral compromise. When the good paying jobs are coming you grab them while keeping your integrity intact.

Remaining an outsider, on the free market ( film market for Sidney Poitier) you are able to pick and choose  the projects, which led to work that you can stand behind, work aligned with your values.

Father teaching – the true measure of a man is how well you provide for your children. Even if you don’t know where you go next you know that the failure is not an option.

There might be years in your life of tremendous professional satisfaction, regardless of what is happening in the world.

In life avoid being confrontational. Think of people you work with as decent people.

Respect yourself, your values, and your cause.

from “The Measure of a Man a spiritual Autobiography” by Sidney Pitier


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