Planting Forests

Planting forests bring clouds and water to areas where these forests are planted.

One way of having a better planet is to plant forests.

We should not take the water for granted.

The way nations should conduct themselves is to have a mandatory 1000 trees planted by every person in the country and the land with the tree to be the responsibility of the person who planted them, to take care of and use during his or her life.

I have a great respect for people from Dominican Republic for the respect for nature and the fact that I saw people planting trees in 2 weeks that I visited the country.

At the TV there were a lot of shows about taking care of nature in Latin America.

In Venezuela there is a day where every person in the nation plant trees in memory of Hugo Chavez.

In Canada and USA there are shows on TV about how to industrial cut the forests such as American Loggers. And nobody sees any connection between climate change and respect for life nature and forest.

Liliana Usvat


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