Forestation around the World




The respect for forest is the future of the planet.

From the graph above the Caribbean countries and East and West Asia followed far by Europe are the areas that plant most of the trees or the forest surface increases in those regions.

It is time to change the trend and for the entire world to realize that the amount of forest that cover the land is important for the air that we breathe for the climate of the planet.

I traveled in Dominican Republic a Caribbean country and I saw people in the resort that planted trees in 2 weeks that I stayed there.

I have great respect for people from Dominican Republic for the respect they have for the nature. It is also a good business model. Tourism is more developed in Dominican Republic compared with the neighboring country Haiti that share the same island where the land is deforested.

I also traveled in Spain and the amount of hills and mountains that are without forest or without anything is also impressive. The soil has been eroded and the heat reaches 40 degree Celsius.

It is time for us to reconsider the respect for nature and for the forest.

by Liliana Usvat


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