Canadian Forests

It is time to protect the forests and plant more forests instead of cut and export the wood. It is time to think at the future generations and live them the beauty of this world.




There are approximately 418 million ha of forests in Canada, accounting for about 10 percent of the world’s forests.

Forests are an integral part of the hydrological cycle; they recycle water to the atmosphere, which decreases water transport into ground and surface water. In addition, they filter air and water, moderate climate, provide habitat for wildlife, stabilize soil, and form a dominant feature of Canada’s economy, culture, traditions and history.

Forests play a key role in moderating climate, regulating water systems, preventing erosion, alleviating air pollution and providing wildlife habitat.

A number of major urban centres derive all or some of their water supplies from forested watersheds. Because of these attributes, forested watersheds provide a range of important services to humans including provision of clean stream water and support of healthy aquatic ecosystems.

Research has demonstrated that the most significant impacts to forested watersheds following timber harvest are changes in water table levels, stream flow, water quality, erosion, and sedimentation. It is likely that similar changes occur after fire. Notably, watershed impacts differ between forestry practices and other land uses, including agriculture and mining.

Sad Statistics for Canadian forest  -Deforestation – forest area (kilohectares) 44.8 per year

Value of domestic exports (dollars) (2012) 25,077,709,595

Primary wood products $1,024,889,707

Area defoliated by insects and beetle-killed trees (hectares) (2011) 9,193,488
Area planted (hectares) (2011) 303,538
Area seeded (hectares) (2011) 12,709
Fire – area burned (hectares) (2012) 1,921,371
Fires – number (number) (2012) 7,288
Forest area certified (hectares) (2012) 147,928,855
Harvest (area) (hectares) (2011) 482,221
Harvest (volume) (cubic metres) (2011) 148,653,150

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