Forests Talk



There are Spirits dwelling within and all around Nature….

There are Water Spirits, Rock Spirits, Tree Spirits, Plant Spirits, and so forth and so on. Each has its own deep wisdom and power. When we befriend these Nature Spirits, our own lives are made incredibly more richer by the contact.

Be mindful of all that trees do for humanity and the world. They give oxygen, shade, prevent soil erosion, create homes for birds and other animals, create shelters for us, cool the air in the summer

Have you ever noticed that when you go into the forest or a peaceful park, how you feel relaxed, calm, refreshed and renewed? This is the gift of the Tree Spirits who are surrounding you; and they emanate vibrations of peace and serenity, sharing with us their highly evolved consciousness, out of love.

Trees communicate between them.

The intention of a person at one side of the forest to cut one tree can be physically recorded with and oscilloscope connected to an tree at the other side of the forest.  That means the trees can record future intentions and actions and also can communicate between them.


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