What can we do to avoid cutting the forests and to change the trend to planting them?


Wood is used as energy source, – create solar panels, wind turbines, hydrogen, and other alternative solutions that are affordable to people that use wood as heating and cooking source.  Hoping that UK would change the plan of using Canadian Wood as source of energy for the latest power plants.

Wood is used as material for furniture and building houses. Cement can be used for houses and plastic or metal or different products from can be used to replace wood used.

Paper. we should have an international law that make it impossible to use tree material for making paper. Hemp can be used or annual plants but not trees that need a long time to grow and their destruction affect us all and the climate of the entire globe.

Banks and governments should not sponsor the companies that cut trees and should not promote these activities around the globe.

We should start changing the general opinion about destroying the forests. It should be  not acceptable to cut forests as is not acceptable to use animal furs for clothing.


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