What Can we do to Help Forest to Regenerate the Environment?

We rely on healthy forests and trees every day. It is in our best interest to appreciate, respect and preserve them. We need to make sure that they will be around for future generations of humans and wildlife to enjoy and use.

These methods seems childish methods but everything count.

Reduce – When we reduce the amount of products we use and buy, fewer trees are cut down to make new products. If we take care of the things that we already have, and repair them when they are broken, we don’t need to buy more.

Reuse – Every time we reuse an item (use it more than once), fewer replacement items are needed. This helps to preserve important natural resources (like forests). It also reduces waste because fewer items are thrown away (or recycled).

Recycle -When we recycle products like paper, (after we can no longer use and reuse them) we prevent new trees from being cut down. About 1/3 of the wood from trees that are cut down is used to make paper and paper board. That’s about 300 000 hectares of land each year. – What if would change the laws so that trees are not allowed to be cut so people can get flyers in the mail. It is a major waste of the forest.


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