Planting Forests in Romania

I used to live close to a deforested mountain  and a forest was planted during my childhood. The land slides were stopped and a fragrant forest was planted on the back of my parents house. It was probably planted during an event such as “Month planting trees”. My parents were grateful for the forest because the stopping of the land slides on the back of their house.


March  -The Month planting trees in Romania is one of the most important events forestry and eco-friendly, representing a way to raise the awareness of the public and of the factors aims with regard to the importance of forests, their essential role in maintaining the ecological balance.


In Romania, the action  “Month planting trees” dating from the year 1936 and was launched under the name of “Month planting trees”, on the initiative of  – Marin Dracea, high official in the Ministry areas. During the Second World War, the action has been interrupted, being resumed in 1964 under the name of “Month Forest” until the year 2008, once with the resuming of new component forestry – Law no. 46/ 2008, when returning to the ancient name, namely “Month planting trees”, aegis under which these manifestations.


To this manifestation participate forestry staff, pupils, students, as well as members of rural and urban communities. This month will take place various actions, but the most important is the planting of saplings.

Dealul Cetate Cugir

In fact, the moon planting trees” is a public holiday dedicated to revival of nature, and bedding trees, in addition to economic component, means and the continuation of life cycle.

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The forest supports a lot agriculture through its protective visors which provides increased moisture atmosphere in the area agricultural crops Also, forests attenuates floods,  stop flying sand movement, reduces and become loose force wind rose, help-accumulating shock absorbers ground water in such fields and increase cereals harvest.

And, last but not least, the forest is the one that shall ensure on human health, due to the beneficial effects on the environment in which we live, it helping and the ionization air, o   keeps water clear and clean, HAS great aesthetic functions. In short, he found the forest protects a man and contribute to the increase of the quality of life .


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