What to plant where there is nothing? Fragrant Forests

  • Some might ask Why?
  • Some other might answer why not?

Question 1. What kind of forests can we plant on the places that have no forests at all?

What about fragrant forests? Could we see as a touristic attraction in a place that is wasted? A bare mountain that is transformed in a fragrant oasis?

  • Lilac Forests is one solution.
  • lilac_forest_by_desire87-d2y2wh9
  • Have anyone thought of a Rose Forest?
  • 599359  rose blooming bush
  • What about Franklinia alatamaha (Franklin tree)?
  • frankliniaalatamaha_michaeldirr_2_sq
  • Yellowwood Trees
  • Salcimi

Question 2 Where the money should come from for purchasing the trees for these forests?

My idea: A combination of private funds and government money grants. Any other solutions are welcomed.

Question 3 How to implement the plantation of such forests? Work force

People that plant them should take care of the plants during their life time. Is this a utopic idea?

Question 4 Plant research – how to plant fragrant forests on the ground or mountains that have lost the soil mass. Which fragrant plants are best suited for such places.

Question 5. How to integrate permaculture with planting fragrant forests



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