Planting Fruit Trees in Public Parks and Gardens

By Liliana Usvat

Governments are the biggest land owners. So they are also the biggest decision maker in tree planting.

A positive idea would be that the public park to have more eatable fruit trees.

Here few positive decisions for public parks.


A new science is Edible Landscape is the latest trend in Park Design.


For Example Tampa Botanical Garden incorporate Edible plants in the park design

. HPIM8170


Royal Botanical Garden in Canada plants apple trees, Chery trees, that are also fragrant trees during the bloom season.


Down town Chicago is an example of tree integrated in the architecture that make the city more appealing to tourists and residents.


More than 30 Seattle parks have fruit trees — many of them the remnants of heritage orchards. Parks like Carkeek, Othello, and Martha Washington have extensive orchards with good specimens. Many other parks, such as the Linden Orchard P-Patch and BradnerGardens, have planted mini-orchards as part of a community garden.

Residents of this quiet, unincorporated slice of Los Angeles County had helped plant 27 fruit trees and eight grapevines in Del Aire Park and 60 additional fruit trees in the surrounding neighborhood.

Rosa Parks Senior Center is hosting over 25 fruit tree cultivars that are specific to the climates and micro-climates of San Francisco? These trees were a generous gift from the now closed Hayes Valley Farm; 3 years ago fruit scions were grafted onto peach rootstock in large pots — rootstock that can thrive in pots for up to 7 years – and they were watered and pruned by the Hayes Valley Farm team. Now these Methley Plums, Fuji apples, Tsui Asian pears, and Harcot Apricots, to name a few, are thriving at the Senior Center, ready to go into the ground. A few – namely a couple apricots, an apple and a plum tree are in the Bloom Justice gardens across the street.


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