Planting Forests for the Beauty of their Flowers

Before and now forests were planted for the wood that they might provide.

What if we change the thinking and we plant forests for the beauty of their flower. Magnolia trees are exceptional beautiful.These forests could be an amazing tourist destinations for people all over the world.


A resort inside such a forest would be a place that can bring more money in the long run that a forest that is cut for the lumber and then needs to be regenerated or worse.

How to plant Magnolia from Seeds?

  • Pick a seed pod off an existing Magnolia tree in September or October. The seed pods are oval-shaped objects that are slightly furry. If the pod has begun to open, you can look inside it and see the brightly colored orange seeds.
  • Place the seed pod in a dry location and allow it to dry for two or three days. As it dries, the seeds will loosen from the pod. Hold the pod over a paper towel or newspaper and shake it firmly to dislodge the magnolia seeds.


  • Fill a bowl with warm water and place all of the magnolia seeds into it. Allow the seeds to soak overnight to soften the outer orange coating.


  • Remove the seeds from the water and rub them firmly between your fingertips to take off the outer flesh and reveal the dark seed.


  • Select an outdoor planting location that has partial sunlight or shade. Dig a hole that is 1/4 inch deep and insert one magnolia seed into the hole. Cover the seed completely with soil.


  • Spread a 1-inch layer of mulch over the area to protect the seed from low temperatures and to retain moisture in the soil.


  • Water the soil until it is moist. Water the soil daily to keep it moist until the seeds germinate. After the seeds sprout, reduce watering to once or twice per week.

Here is and example of other flowering tree that can be planted in an temperate climate Chery tree. The world would luck much better that whit land without trees and soil.


This is a best alternative that to deforest the earth at a paste that is affecting our air and land and landscape and weather.



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