Forests as Comunities

by Liliana Usvat

The abundance and diversity of birds, mammals, amphibians and other wildlife are affected by strategies and  entire population of animals lose their habitat.

Burlington Ontario Canada

Burlington Ontario Canada

And they ( animals, plants and birds) have no say in that because some peoples few actually want to make money.

wild life

photo by Liliana Usvat

There has been an increased public awareness of natural resource policy, including forest management.



Public concern regarding forest management may have shifted from the extraction of timber for earning money for the economy, to the preservation of additional forest resources, including wildlife and old growth forest, protecting biodiversity, watershed management, and recreation.



  1. What were the best forest laws that preserve the forests and the habitat for animals?


  1. What could be the best forests laws that actually would stop the destruction of these animal communities and restorations of land that has lost the soil?


  1. Who are the owners of the lands that have no forest or fertile soil so cannot be used for agriculture, or worse who are the owners of the deserted land?


  1. What can be done to see the forest as a source of life instead as a source of wood?


Here is some information that I found


There are regulations Wildlife Habitat and Watercourses Protection Regulations and forest Ministries in all major countries . These regulations are regulating cutting trees which is not very good idea in my opinion. They also deal with Forest Pests which are more and more distructive, and Park Management.


There is Wildlife Alliance a organization for direct protection to forests and wildlife in the Southeast Asian tropical belt. Their mission is to combat deforestation, wildlife extinction, climate change, and poverty by partnering with local communities and governments. This organization is a positive step in the right direction.



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