Beautiful Forests of Europe

Europe used to be much forested back then in the ancient times. After centuries of cutting these forests, they cover just 44% of the total surface of Europe. Out of this percentage, 80% are owned by the country of Russia. Overall, Europe is a rather big contributor to the nature of the world, as it represents 25% of the total forested area of the world.



Another interesting forest to see is the Brothwood Corpse from England. The only English forests that have gotten away from the fry of people wanting to cut them are those from Isle of Wight. They are under the administration and protection of the National Forrester trust from Great Britain. Here, one can see remarkable oaks and beeches. It is a must to know that you cannot tear any leaf.
The Komi forests from Russia are another location ta UNESCO heritage and is located in the Komi Republic from the North of Urals. The total surface of these forests is of 32800 square meters and it is by far the inviolate forests from Europe.


Nera’s Canyon (Cheile Nerei) is a national park from Banat region in Romania, where some of the most beautiful romanian landscapes can be found – with lakes, rivers, gorges, suspended bridges, caves, old forests, tunnels and green hills.


Nera Park has a total area of 367 km2 and it extends for a distance of 22 km, between Anina and Locvei Mountains and along the river Nera. It includes seven nature reserves and here you can find the largest old-growth beech forests in Europe.


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