Questions about Trees Planting around the World

  • What are the most planted trees in Europe America Asia Africa Australia?
  • What are the cheapest that can be planted?
  • Who verify if the forests are growing?
  • What is the best method to keep the new planted forest alive? The ownership of the land and forest ?
  • What kind of law should be in the world so the new planted forest to survive and to regenerate the life that was there before?
  • Animals that have their forest removed have disapeared? Are they coming back by themselves?
  • After the entire ecosystem has been destroyed by cutting forests does it matter what tree are we planting on each region?
  • What is the best tree to plant in a desert?  Plam Trees Olive trees Orange trees?
  • How expensive are these trees to plant to grow?  Where the money are coming from? How can we find money to plant instead of cut the trees?
  • Are we there yet? Are we realizing that cutting trees are affecting us all regardless of country?

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