Forest Research


  1. What are the best social systems that would allow protection of existing forest plantation and care of forest that are planted?
  2. What is the minimal cost to society and type of new forests to be planted, kept and protected?
  3. What is the cost of 1 ha of forest planted in each area?
  4. What are the best trees types to be planted so the society and people would be inclined to keep these forest alive instead of using them as wood?
  5. What should be changed in this society so that wast lands that have no soil to become forested?

Tropical forests contribute to regulating river flows both during dry seasons and high rainfall events, thereby minimising risks related to water scarcity and floods.

The relationship between forests and water is complex because, at the local level, catchment studies show that trees actually remove water from the system.

Growing trees take water from the soil and release it into the atmosphere. Tree leaves also act as interceptors, catching falling rain, which then evaporates causing rain precipitation elsewhere — a process known as evapo-transpiration.

By better understanding this process, we may, one day, be able to strategically plant trees that will bring rain to regions that need it most.

As the climate changes, severe droughts are likely to become more common, and we shouldn’t miss the opportunities to influence the hydrologic cycle in a beneficial way using trees.

Trees in forests are the most efficient evapo-transpirators out there. If we compare them to say agricultural land cover, trees can evapo-transpirate twice as much as agricultural crops and about twice as much as water body surfaces.

So removing forests will have the biggest impact on cross-continental transport of water vapour.

I found that a lot of money are spend on conferences research such as UN Conference on climate change or Cancun Adaptation Framework talking abut forest but very little money are allocated to reforestation itself or modification of social systems that would allow people to own the land that they plant the forest on so they would take care of the forests that they planted.

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