Forest and Human Consciousness

By Liliana Usvat


Mass consciousness and the Forest

The vibrational rate of mass consciousness affects the physicality on the planet.

We are all connected. A  disequilibrium in one part of the planet affect the entire planet. The lack of care for all life  plants trees forests affects life in general.


Deforestation and Pollution in China affects Korea. Cutting entire forests in Romania affects all Europe. Affects the air affects the water, and people.

When forests are planted in China Japan and Korea sees the effects.



We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed.


Forests and People

Ancient forests have evolved over thousands of years into unique and vital habitats for millions of plant and animal species. They are also home to millions of people who depend on them for their livelihoods and survival.


It is estimated that some 1.6 billion people worldwide depend on forests for their livelihood and 60 million indigenous peoples depend on forests for their subsistence.


  1. How many countries have logging illegal?


  • From my travels i found that Dominican republic Belize and Gibraltar are the champions
  • Around 41% of the Dominican Republic is forested, and the extent of the country’s forest resources has remained constant over the past twenty years at 1,972,000 hectares
  • While over 60% of Belize’s land surface is covered by forest, provides an ideal home for more than 5000 species of plants, and hundreds of species of animals.
  1. How many countries in the world have a rate of planting the forests higher that cutting them?
  2. How many countries have the mass consciousness protecting cutting trees?
  3. What should be done to change the national and international laws regarding planned industrial destruction of the forests the habitat of the forest?
  4. What is the right to ownership and properties laws that would make the protection of the forest an interest of everyday person?
  5. How can these international trades be prevented to protect the forest?


Illegal Logging

Illegal logging is the harvest, transportation, purchase or sale of timber in violation of laws. The harvesting procedure itself may be illegal, including using corrupt means to gain access to forests; extraction without permission or from a protected area; the cutting of protected species; or the extraction of timber in excess of agreed limits.

It is estimated that illegal logging in public lands alone causes losses in assets and revenue in excess of 10 billion USD annually.


Illegal logging contributes to deforestation and by extension global warming, causes loss of biodiversity and undermines the rule of law. These illegal activities undermine responsible forest management, encourage corruption and tax evasion and reduce the income of the producer countries, further limiting the resources producer countries can invest in sustainable development. Illegal logging has serious economic and social implications for the poor and disadvantaged.


Deforestation in the United States is an ongoing environmental issue that attracts protests from environmentalists. Prior to the arrival of European-Americans about one half of the United States land area was forest, about 4,000,000 square kilometres (990,000,000 acres) in 1600, yet today it is only about 3,000,000 square kilometres (740,000,000 acres).Nearly all of this deforestation took place prior to 1910, and the forest resources of the United States have remained relatively constant through the entire 20th century.

The 2005 Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Global Forest Resources Assessment ranked the United States as seventh highest country losing its old growth forests, a vast majority of which were removed prior to the 20th century

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2 Responses to Forest and Human Consciousness

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  2. curi56 says:

    All scientists cried HURRA after Hearing from Chaos-Theory.
    But nobody turns this consciousness in an active processes – to learn about
    our ONE-NESS.
    I Wrote in my book about pigs in CAFOs and the deep relationship with
    eating animals and cruelty, that pigs have meta-cognition, too.

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