Samara Maple Tree Story and Medicinal Uses


By Liliana Usvat


A samara is sometimes called a key and is often referred to as a whirlybird, helicopter, whirligig, polynose, or, in the north of England, a spinning jenny. During the autumn months, they are a popular source of amusement for children who enjoy tossing them in the air and watching them spin to the ground.

A samara is a type of dry fruit where one seed is surrounded by papery tissue that helps carry the seed away from the tree as the wind blows. The fruit does not split open, which means that it is indehiscent. They are often found in large groups on the tree.

All Maple Seeds are Good to Eat

Harvest the seeds. They should be gathered when they’re full but still green in the spring; run your hands down the branch to gather a bunch in your hands. All maple seeds are good to eat, but some are more bitter than others (a good rule of thumb is: small and sweet, big and bitter) Later, when their shells are brown, they are a little more bitter, but still good.

Hull the seeds. Peel off the outer skin (the “whirlygig” part). Cut the end with your thumbnail. Squeeze out the seed; it looks like a pea or bean.

Rinse out the tannins. Taste a few seeds raw. If they are bitter, you’ll need to boil them in water, dump out the water, and repeat until the bitterness is gone.

Cook the seeds. If you boiled them already, just season with butter, salt, and pepper and enjoy.If they weren’t boiled, here are a few more options:

  • Roasting – Place the seeds on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with salt. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 8 – 10 minutes.
  • Drying – Put them in a dry, sunny spot or in a food dehydrator until they are crunchy. They can then be pounded or ground into a flour, if you want.

The Story of the Maple Tree


Many, many moons ago one of the most beautiful trees around was the maple. And its roots reached deep into the earth and its branches reached high in the heavens. But at one time, a large group of bugs crawled into the maple’s bark. And it was itching the maple. It was driving the maple tree crazy. Cause even though the maple tree had many branches and shoots and roots it could not bend down and reach all parts of itself. So it called out to all its friends in the animal kingdom. It called out and said “Can someone please give me some relieve from all this itching.”
So the beaver said “Well maple tree I can probably do it, but if I start chewing on your bark it’ll probably kill you. So that would not help you that much.” And then the little mouse said “Maple tree I can dig down into your roots and get my brothers the voles and the moles and the gophers but we’ll end up starting to kill your roots and that will kill you.” So then the bear said “Well maple tree I have these nice big claws I could start clawing at your bark but that will probably shred you up.” So then they are all trying to think.
Finally one of the birds was flying by and it was a flicker. And the flicker said “Well maple tree I have a cousin.

How about I get all these guys to come and their beaks are sharp and they can dig in you but they won’t hurt you.” So they called all of his woodpecker friends and they flew over and started pecking at the tree and got all the bugs out of him. The tree was so happy. And everything was going along nicely and all of a sudden for a couple of years there was very little rain. It got very dry and all of the animals were getting very thirsty. The creeks and rivers had all dried up and they did not know where to go.
They were all bemoaning the fact and the maple tree heard them. And the maple tree said

“You know the animals helped me the time I was suffering from all those bugs biting me I
have an idea.” So he called to his friend the flicker again. And said “Flicker you helped me in my time of need I want to help you. Call up your woodpecker buddies again.” So they call the woodpecker buddies.

And the maple tree said “Now I want you to peck deep into my bark and then wait for a second and soon some of my sap will run out and you can slake your thirst by drinking my sap.” So the woodpeckers tried it. And when they did the sap flowed from the maple tree.
And that gift saved everybody until the next rain came and they were able to drink from the creeks again. And it was from that gift from the maple to the animals that man learned how to make maple syrup and how to tap those maple trees when the sap runs.

Maple syrup was precious because man could make something sweet especially in the winter time time when there were not berries to pick and no sweet

Natural Medicine  – Maple

Internal Treatments maple leaf

Tonic juice : A teaspoon of freshly squeezed juice from the leaves and seeds of maple , consumed 2-3 times a day, is tonic , diuretic , antiscorbutic , choleretic , antiseptic , analgesic , anti-inflammatory and wound healing .

Balsam anticancer . Squeeze juice 250 ml maple leaf , mixed with 100 ml strawberry juice from leaves collected in May (you can keep frozen) , aloe juice 150 ml , 250 ml and 350 ml honey red wine sweet . Allow to steep for 2 weeks and consumed 30 ml half an hour before meals .

Arthritis , gout, spondylosis , high cholesterol . Gather 270 Canadian maple leaf and dry them strung on a string (like tobacco ) or related to chard . This is enough for a course of treatment for ” renewal ” of joints and blood vessels. Three leaves chopped finely , put into 350 ml of cold water , bring water to boil and infuse until cool . Many Drink 100 ml , 3 times a day 15 minutes before meal . 3 courses are made , by 30 days , allowing time for a week each .

Liver and biliary tract . The grinder with a teaspoon dill and cumin , a tablespoon of oat husk and 2 tablespoons flowers and leaves of milfoil . All plants are put on fire with 700 ml of cold water. Bring to boiling and boil until the first leaves on fire 5 minutes. Then add 2 tablespoons of maple leaves finely chopped and put out the fire . Are infused in the vessel cover, prior to cooling . Drink slipped 4-5 innings, between meals.

Acute and chronic respiratory disease , pneumonia , herpes, kidney . Mix a teaspoon of finely chopped leaves and fruit is brewed with 250 ml of boiling water and infuse the flask for 45 minutes. Drink 50 ml 4-5 times a day 20 minutes before meal . Herpes is buffered with leaf infusion or juice .

Stomatitis , gingivitis . Prepare a decoction of the leaves they gargle . Leaves us- how many are broken . Boil 2 tablespoons of herb in 350 ml of water. After starting clocotirii is on fire leaves 5 ​​minutes then infuse until cool . The decoction can also add mint leaves , sage, pumpkin stems , seed pods on branches of acacia , nettle root or sesame .

Stress , depression . Make a tea from the leaves of maple – goose’s foot , lemon balm and rattles – one teaspoon of each per liter of water. Drink during the day , between meals , instead of water, short courses of 5-7 times per day. The same composition, but more concentrated ( 1-2 tablespoons per plant) was added to bath tub . Herbal baths are carried out twice a week . Instead of the lemon balm tea can put valerian root .

Internal Treatments maple tincture

Recipe :

Tincture of maple leaves

Pharmacy autumn maple and aster

There are two ways of cooking :
January . Are selected leaf bright red color , is dried at semiumbra or dark . Macerate 10 tablespoons of dried leaves and crushed in 500 ml brandy or vodka 40 ° . Glass leave to soak 7 days in the dark, tightly closed. Drink 20-30 drops three times a day before meals , diluted tea prepared from 2 teaspoons of fresh or dried leaves of maple and 200 ml of water .
February . The young leaves are put through the mincer or juicer . For each 70 ml of juice was added 30 ml of double refined alcohol 96 ° . Macerate for 7-10 days in the dark , tightly closed.

Impotence, prostatitis . Take 5-10 drops daily (depending on body weight ) of tincture recipes no. 2 diluted infusion of the following plants : one tablespoon of maple leaves and birch leaves , fresh or dried dandelion roots , fruits, berries, a scoop of parsnip seed and 5 spoons of onion peels . A teaspoon of the mixture is infused in 350 ml boiling water (preferably in the flask ) for one hour. Drink 100 ml , three times a day , 30 minutes before or one hour after meals, for 3-4 weeks. The cure time is consumed three times a day before meals ( herbal infusion ) or mixed with food containing 1 /3 teaspoonful of parsley seed powder grinders .

External Treatments

Wounds and skin . Apply on the affected porridge or pounded crushed leaves of maple , cover with cellophane and an elastic bandage bandaged . The mixture can also add eddy or Plantain . If the wound bleeds , add milfoil , shepherd’s purse or crushed walnut leaves . Dressing changes twice a day .

The leaves and bark are used mostly in black color .
In some parts ” Maple butterflies ” ( fruit divergent wings ) , boiled in water used against dysentery , diarrhea or bark decoction is used or leaven in spirit . It is also used against wounds. For ” heart hurt ” boiled maple flowers and drink morning and evening.

Pharmacological actions :
– If soothes gout pain , uses both internally and externally.

– Fresh leaves are crushed and applied on painful areas .

– Apply fresh leaves as poultices painful places and keep up to passing pain .
– There will be a handful of leaves in a liter of good quality wine and simmer for 30 minutes , then strain and will come Complete with up to 1 liter . It is used for internal or external poultices will consume 10 ml – a soup spoon 3 times a day for internal diseases .
It can be used in the following conditions: applied various external or internal pain , gout, joint inflammation , insect bites , rheumatism .

What do you think? It is time to plant some maple trees?

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