Education Tree Planting and the Environment

By Liliana Usvat

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If  this generation accept logging as a fact as a government right to cut the forest or an owner right to use the forest as source of income by cutting it and using it as wood.


If this generation consider acceptable to build power plants that use other countries wood to generate energy, maybe we can do something about the next generation using the education system.


An idea would be to use science classes biology classes and mandatory volunteer work that is required in some high school systems to teach kids teenagers about planting trees and caring for them.


And sometime in the future they might come back in the town or city they went to school and check the tree they planted or the park they designed.


A green belt around cities would be a good place to start. This is just in case the School backyard already has a nice park and there is no space to plant and beautify the space.


Planting 100 trees or azalea bushes or roses and caring for them, during 4 years of high school for every student that attend a high school would make an impact on the environment and also to the decisions this kids would make as adults regarding the environment.


This is actually not a new idea.


In Washington DC  – Casey Trees is an organisation that assists  School Tree Planting projects and connect students to the benefits of trees and foster environmental stewardship.


Casey Trees provides the trees and technical assistance for each project. At the suggestion of The Drew Freeman Environmental Team students planted several fruit trees in the school’s courtyard that will be the foundation of a school community garden and nutrition program.


In Canada Otawa offer grands for schols that plan to plant trees on the school properties.


The projects can be combined with installing musical fountains on the school property, or a comunity garden.


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