Fruits and Roots of Trees and other Plants used as Natural Painkillers

By Liliana Usvat

Natural Painkillers

Ginger (add to 1-2 teaspoons daily to diet for general muscle pain)

in-ginger gingerPlant

Cloves (chewed gently for toothache / gum inflammation)

zanzibar_tanzania_252896 clovetree3 Cloves_fresh_in_hand SONY DSC cloves
Apple Cider Vinegar (1tbsp mixed with water before meals for heartburn)

apple-tree Cider_and_apple_juice
Cherries (joint pain, headaches – 1 bowl per day)

VancouverCheryfestival  cherrie
Turmeric (chronic pain – 1/4 teaspoon per day)

turmeric-plants A04TurmericPlant Turmeric_plant turmeric_root OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Grapes (back pain – 1 heaping cup per day)

grapevine      grapevine11
Tomato Juice (leg cramps – tomato juice is rich in potassium – 10oz daily)


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