Trees and Energy

By Liliana Usvat


  1. Energy and information are the same thing.  Everything that exists has energy, energy is full of information, and stored info-energy is what makes up cellular memory

2.What we call consciousness is manifestation of information-containing energy. Information and mind seem to be one and the same.


3.All cell have energy so all cells contain and share information.

  1. One way to think about energy is as if it’s water in its various forms: an ice cube, water, steam, or humidity.


Trees are the guardians of the earth. They take what are toxins from other life forms and feed on it, transforming it into useful products for the planet; they are the filters of the planet.


Every form of life, or matter (energy), also has an energy field around it to some extent. Just as a sound doesn’t really go to a certain distance and then stop, energy and fields of energy are much the same way. Energy radiates out in all directions from each being.

“Ki” is based on fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy which is spelled Qi, or sometime Ch’i or Chi.


Some experts say that all the things exist in this world are consist of Ki energy or Prana.


It is considered that trees emit Ki energy too. It occurs when the water runs in a vascular bundle. This theory is applicable not only to trees but also to all kind of plants.


The theory is quite simple – Ki energy is emitted when a certain object runs in tiny pipes.


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