Nicola Tesla Forest and Environment

By Liliana Usvat


Everything start with an idea. I would like to introduce here the concept of mass production of Nicola Tesla Inventions. Eventual research should be made to further develop and implement and  his ideas regarding energy production to be able to save the forest from the new trend that make acceptable to burn wood to produce electricity.


Everything start with education, information and philosophy behind major financial economical decision made by the society.

Nicola Tesla Concepts

Electricity Without Burning Fuel  – Writing on June 10th, 1902 to his friend Robert U. Johnson, editor of Century Magazine, Tesla included a clipping from the previous day’s New York Herald about Clemente Figueras, a woods and forest engineer in Las Palmas, capital of the Canary Islands, who had invented a device for generating electricity without burning fuel.


What became of Figueres and his fuel-less generator is not known, but this announcement in the paper prompted Tesla, in his letter to Johnson, to claim he had already developed such a device and had revealed the underlying physical laws.


“Besides fuel there is abundant material from which we might eventually derive power.

An immense amount of  energy is locked up in limestone, for instance and machines can be driven bu liberating the carbonic acid through sulphuric acid or otherwise.

since time immemorial man has had at his disposal a fairly good machine which has enabled him to utilize the energy of the ambient medium. This machine is the wind mill. The power obtainable from wind is very considerable.

Many inventors had spend time to “harness the tides” or wave power and some to compress air.

A tide motor would have a small chance competing commercially with the wind mill.

A fa better way is to obtain power of the sun’s rays which beat the earth incessantly and supply energy at a maximum rate over 4 million horse power per square mile.

The only rational way known at this time is to employ some kind of heat thermodinamic engine. driven by volatile fluid evaporate in a boiler by the heat of the ray.

After a long study of this mode of obtaining motive power the low efficiency of heat engine and additional cost of storing the energy and other drawbacks I came to the conclusion that the solar engine could not be industrially exploited with success.


Another way of getting motive power from the medium without consuming any material would be to utilize the heat contained in the earth., the water or the air.

Electricity produced by natural cause is another source .of energy…

In recent experiments I have discovered two novel facts of importance. Electric current is generated in a wire extending from the ground to great height by the axial and probably also by the transitory movement of the earth. No appreciable current will flow continuously in the wire unless the electricity is allowed to leak into the air. Its escape is greatly facilitated by providing at the elevated end of the wire a conducting terminal of great surface.

The second fact which I have found is that the upper air strata are permanently charged with electricity opposite to that of the earth. The earth constitutes a  highly charged electrical condenser containing a high amount of electrical energy which might be turned to the use of the man.

We may find way of applying forces such as magnetism or gravity for driving machinery without using any other means. Imagine a disk of some homogenous material turned perfectly true and arranged to turn frictionless bearings on a horizontal shaft above the ground. The disk being perfect balanced . It is possible that we make such d perform the disk rotate continuously and perform work by the force of gravity without any further effort of our part. We have only to invent a screen against this force of gravity on the other half of the disk.”

So my point is we need to learn and apply inventions already existent improve them and mass apply these inventions so we do not need to destroy the forest or consume anything to produce energy.

A suggestion for the educational stem to make mandatory the study of the invention of Nicola Tesla in high school. Research should be done to improve and apply his ideas.

Present Environmental Decisions

We live in an era when  decision made and implemented at the present moment – that is ok to cut forest preferable in other countries to produce electricity. In England  power plants  using wood as source of energy. Wood is imported.

At Drax (England) power plant generating up to 3,960 megawatts of power, more than 70,000 tons of wood will be harvested every day from forests in the US and shipped 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Britain.

USA – Finding sources of wood to feed ravenous power plants is not easy. The small wood-fired EJ Stoneman power plant in Cassville, Wisconsin is rated at 40 megawatts. Each day it burns 1,000 tons of wood delivered by 30 different suppliers. The 100-megawatt Picway power plant in southern Ohio considered a conversion to biomass, but could not secure a good wood supply.

Also another decision regarding energy production is to use bio fuel as source of energy. This means agricultural land is used to cultivate plants that are used to generate bio-fuel that is used to produce energy. That land produce less food for people. Also using monoculture of plants in time the soil is depleted of nutrients.

Forests Benefit the Environment


1. Forests’ Influence on Geomorphology The roots of trees hold the soil in place, preventing erosion or landslides. Depending on species, trees spread their roots into the ground vertically or horizontally. In this way, the soil between roots becomes more compact, strongly fixed in place. Forests also prevent wind erosion, acting like a natural green shield for our Earth’s relief.

2. Forests’ Influence on Climate – At a local level, forests (similar to seas) reduce heat in summer and cold in winter. In other words, forests keep excessive climate (excessive temperatures) under control. Forests also lower soil temperatures (especially in summer), by sheltering it from direct sun radiations.

Inside forests but either in their surrounding areas, air humidity is higher (15% higher) because of tree transpiration, water evaporation and precipitations. The humidity will attenuate the effects of any excessive heat, creating at local level a pleasant refreshing environment for both humans and other plants and animals.

3. Forests’ Influence on Soils –In forests, that layer composed of wet – decomposed leaves (above the ground), makes the soil better. That soil turns into humus soil. The roots of trees disaggregate the soil and increase its depth. In time, the most solid rocks and any compact soil will turn into a soft vegetable soil (very good for growing plants).

4. Forests’ Influence on Waters – Waters (especially about rivers or springs), they are directly influenced by forests. For two reasons, forests are best at preventing flooding: A. They strongly fix river beds and slow corrosion; B. They allow water to better penetrate the soil – this make rivers to flow slower and safer.

5. Forests’ Influence on Crops – Forests have a good influence on climate and soils, so in this way they also improve crops. Along the years many people around the world concluded that crop production is 25-30% higher when there are some forests near them. Every 10 ha of cultivated land should have 1-2 ha of forest.

6. Forests’ Influence on Health –forests make the air around us cleaner. Often called “earth’s lungs”, forests can both can both reduce CO2 emissions and strengthen the ozone layer (due to the resin from certain tree species).

7. Forests’ Influence on the Landscape – When worn they make anyone look better. Isn’t it like that? Same happens with forests: they make the Earth look better so we can enjoy every day wonderful landscapes.

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