Austrian Company Cuts Romanian Forests


By Liliana Usvat

Austrian timber giant Schweighofer is further expanding sawmilling and timber processing operations in Romania that will lead to a massive increase in export capacity.

Holzindustrie Schweighofer is investing €150m in a state-of-the-art plant in Covasna that will produce glulam and wood pellets, and also provide raw material for export and the company’s recently upgraded laminated wood products mill in Siret and the block board plant in Comanesti.

The site will cover 70ha and employ 650 people and create a further 2,000 related jobs when it opens in 2014. The company said it expects to handle 800,000m3 of logs a year, of which 70% will be processed on site.


Up from 2002 Holzindustrie Schweighofer has been processing softwood in Romania in the Central-Eastern part of Europe. The first Romanian Schweighofer sawmill was built in Sebes in the Central Romanian district of Alba Iulia. In 2007 the Radauti sawmill in the North-Eastern district of Suceava followed. Connected to this is the panel manufacturing site in Siret, close to the Ukrainian boarder. The latest acquisition was the block board factory in Comanesti in the Mid-Eastern district Bacau.

Marketing of this Company

The Schweighofer Group is an Austrian family business organized as a holding structure.

With more than 360 years of experience, the Schweighofer family stands for quality and confidence: leading companies from various sectors and many countries of the world are among our customers.

The forest-based industry is our core business. All our production facilities are located in Romania, where we have achieved market leadership in wood processing in record time.

Moreover, we are active in agriculture and forestry and as well as energy generation from biomass, operating the biggest biomass-fired combined heat and power plants in Romania.

In Austria, Schweighofer Fiber focuses on the production of high-quality cellulose and bioenergy.


  1. Who give this company these rights?
  2. To destroy the environment in another country?
  3. Why cut the forests of Romania?


  1. Why they use Romania as a slave state and destroy the environment of this beautiful country?


  1. Energy generation? So this company cut Romanian wood for heat? While in their country there are wind farms and solar farms?
  2. This company generate a major environmental disaster in another country for profit?

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